CAS Number: 7775-09-9
Chemical Formula: NaClO3
Molecular weight: 106.5 g/mol
Appearance: white solid
Scent: odorless
Specific gravity (g/cm3): 2.5

Sodium Chlorate is a chemical compound known with the formula NaClO3. It is globally one of the common compounds. It is in the form of crystal and liquid from %25 to %50. It can be seen as white crystal in a pure environment and it is water-soluble.


- Generally, it is used as a promiscuous herbicide in removing weeds.
- It is been thought to be phytotoxic when used to all green plant.
- It is used both dryer and also defoliants for corn, pepper, safflower, flax, bean, haricot bean, rice, south bean and sunflower.
- It is also used in cultivated area.
- It is used as oxidant in milling uranium.
- It is used in production of ammonium perchlorate which is used generally for propulsion.
- It is used as a midproduct in production potassium chlorate for explosives, calcium chlorate for herbicide, barium chlorate for fireworks.
- It is used commonly in slush process.
- In order to make out uranium and vanadium from its substance, it is used in mining and steel as well as petrol production.
- Its area of usage includes scopes such as alutation, whitening textile products, and production of paints.
- It is used as disinfection in food industry.
- It is also used in domestic water treatment systems on the purpose of active water treatment.

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