Sodium Chlorate

CAS Number: 7758-19-2
Sodium chlorite (% NaClO2): 31
Chemical Formula: NaClO2
Molecular weight: 90.5 g / mole
Appearance: Yellow pure liquid
Aroma: Typical
Total alkalinity (% NaOH): max 3
Specific gravity (20oC) (kg / L): 1.29 to 1.32
pH (1%): 11.00 to 12.50


- In our day, sodium chlorite, which is odorless and concordantly includes low toxicity, is used in cleaning drinking water, food industry, an effective disinfection in hospital hygiene, and also textile and detergent industry as it has a bleaching specification without harming textile products across the globe. It is used:
- As bleaching in textile fiber, slush and paper industry,
- As a disinfection and purifying chemical in water treatment,
- As a protective agent prevents to consist algae in water,
- In whitening saccharin, starch, ointment and waxes,
- In sterilization of sewerage system waste water and removal of the odor,
- Therapeutic in medicine,
- Biologic disposal refusal,
- Process of food,
- Removal of phenol from industrial waste water,
- In controlling microbial pollution in industrial refrigerating systems and towers,
- Instead of chlor in industrial ammonia facilities,
- In flushing fruit and vegetation by the food processing companies as it is an anti-fungal chemical,
- As an anti-mould in detergent compounds,
- In tooth paste and lens solutions.